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Established in 2009, Floppy Ears Design brings you highly successful products for dogs and dog lovers.


We design, develop and manufacture our products using a truly global supply chain.


The result is superbly designed, high quality and affordable products you and your dogs love.


  • Our products for you and your dog are as much a part of your lifestyle and home décor as your dog is a part of your family.


  • Floppy Ears Design products help make sure your dog is safe and comfortable, and help you deal with the inevitable challenges that come from living with your dog.


  • Our products are both a great value and affordable for dog lovers everywhere.


Our NEW USB Rechargeable LED Dog Safety Neck Loop:

• Place the Loop over your dog’s neck in low light conditions so you'll be seen and safe;
• You have the option of fast flashing, slow flashing, or constant beam modes.
• The USB rechargeable lithium ion battery powered LED lights have over two hours of burn time. The USB cord is included.
• The Loop is not a dog collar and is to be worn with a regular collar.
•Fits dogs necks 13” to 24”. It's fast and easy to cut the Loop to the size you need.