Stowaway Pet Steps

Senior dogs as well as healthy young dogs can suffer joint and muscle damage from high impact jumps up and down from their favorite sleeping spots. The Stowaway Pet Steps help reduce joint impact and allows dogs to get onto their favorite couches, chairs and beds.

Stable and strong - easily supports dogs up to 125 lbs.

Folds flat (4.5” high) for fast stowaway under the bed or couch when not in use.

The luxurious, durable high quality microfiber fabric looks great and will complement your home décor – and provides cushioned traction for your pet’s paws.

Each step doubles as a pet storage box.

The tops are secured on all four sides so as not to accidentally open when in use.

Uses rigid internal polyethylene boards.

Two steps (each 8” high).  Can be used for jumping and up to, and down from, couches and people beds.

16”H x 14”W x 19”D.


Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

For indoor pet use only.

Erin, from our office, shows how strong the steps are
Instructions and Product Care (Click to open the file below):

Training Your Dog To Use Steps

Pet steps can greatly reduce the risk of injuries from high impact jumping up and down from couches and beds.

Training your dogs to use the steps is really easy. Training can become a fun learning game for you and your dog.

First, you need to help your dog get comfortable with the steps.

Setting Up The Steps:
Place the steps beside a couch or bed. Make sure the steps are stable and secure (for example, don’t put the steps on the edge of a rug where the steps will wobble or move). Sit on the floor besides the steps.

Treats and Your Dog’s Comfort Level:

Place a favorite treat at the base of the bottom step. Praise your dog as they approach the step to get the treat. (Praise through reassuring patting is also good.)

The Bottom Step:

Show your dog another treat and place the treat on the bottom step. Again, praise your dog as they approach the step to get the treat. If your dog is still wary of the steps, you may want to give them treats on the lower step a number of times to build their confidence.

When They are Ready - The Top Step:

Next, place a treat on the top step.
Your job is almost done when your dog steps up on the bottom step to get the treat on the top.

The Couch:

Next, place a treat on the bed or couch so your dog will go up both steps to get the treat.

Patience, Patience, Patience:

Go really slowly and be patient. If you dog is reluctant to step onto the bottom step you may need to use more treats, or try again another time. It’s really important that your dog feels comfortable with the steps.

Going Down The Steps:

Your dog also needs to be trained to go down the steps.

When they are on the bed or couch, place a treat on the top step. The objective is to get them to step on the top step to eat that treat.

Entice them onto the bottom step with another treat. Then, place a treat on the floor so they will have moved completely from the couch to the floor.

You will likely have to repeat this process a number of times. You will know you have been successful when unprompted your dog climbs up and down the steps.

Keys to Success:

Patience, praise and treats are the keys to success. Be willing to practice as many times as needed to get your dog comfortable with the steps.