Waterproof/Breathable Cotton Duvet Cover, Top OR Bottom Waterproof:

Protects duvets and comforters from urine, ‘soiling semi-solids’, spilled liquids and stains.

No need to wash your entire duvet or comforter.

This is also a decorative cover that looks and feels great.

Waterproof Protection - the protector can be used on the top of the duvet (where cats and dogs may sleep), OR the bottom of the duvet where people sleep (but not both the top AND the bottom).

Waterproof Fabric – The waterproof side of this cover uses three fabric layers laminated together. The top layer is 100% cotton 200 thread count. The middle layer is a high-tech waterproof/ breathable membrane. The third layer is a soft durable stretch polyester backing fabric (to protect the waterproof membrane).

Non-Waterproof Fabric - The non-waterproof side is a super soft 200 thread count 100% cotton.

Regardless of whether you use the waterproof layer protecting the top of your duvet, or protecting the bottom of the bed where people typically sleep, your body always rests against 100% cotton.

Ballooning - Ballooning is where the duvet protector traps air or water inside the protector that can’t escape.

When air is trapped ballooning makes for a very uncomfortable night.

When washing and drying duvet protectors, water trapped inside the protector makes it virtually impossible to machine wash or dry.

Our simple innovative design stops ballooning and lets air and water out, but keeps liquids away from your duvet.

Hot - If you use the waterproof layer on top of your bed you will not even notice the waterproof layer (it’s like sleeping with non waterproof cotton sheets). If you use the waterproof layer on the bottom of your duvet some people find this cover to be hot. The cover is breathable, but not the level of breathability to allow the large amount of moisture we produce when sleeping to escape. The result is it could feel hot when sleeping. (You can have it waterproof, or cooler to sleep under – but, not both).

Stays in Place - Four cloth ties on the inside of the cover secure the duvet from shifting within the cover.

YKK Zipper Closure.

Easy Care - Machine wash in cold water using a mild laundry detergent. Machine tumble dry on a cool setting. Do not use bleach. Do not use fabric softeners. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. These things could potentially damage the waterproof/ breathable membrane. Durable to withstand frequent washings.

Color – White.

Sizes -

Full/Queen: 94” x 86”.

King: 109” x 90”.

Instructions and Product Care (Click to open the file below):