Floppy Ears Design   

About Us


We’re one of the independent small guys. We design and make high quality  products that really work  - and look great.

Floppy Ears has been making great products since 2010.

We come from designing and making products in both the Pet and Outdoor industries. The lessons tattooed on us (not literally) was that it’s important that products look great. But, it’s critical that those products really work – they do what they are supposed to do - and they're tough, durable and will last and last.


Those words may sound trite or hollow, but for us they mean ensuring we use the best materials, test all products before we launch, and use the best manufacturing and quality control we can find.

Our dogs and cats are very loved members of our family. But, living with  four legged family members in our homes inevitable brings challenges. Our job is to help you manage those challenges and ensure your dog or cat is safe, secure, comfortable and happy.


Our products for you and your dog are as much a part of your lifestyle and home décor as your dog is a part of your family.

Floppy Ears only sells through retailers. We don’t sell direct to dog lovers (or anyone else).

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