Waterproof/Breathable Duvet Protector, Top and Bottom Waterproof:

How to use the Duvet Protector – put your duvet inside the protector/liner, and the protector (with your duvet inside) inside a decorative duvet cover. The duvet protector is is not a stand-alone decorative cover.

Waterproof on Both Sides – waterproof INSIDE, where people normally sleep, AND waterproof ON TOP dogs or cats may sleep.

Waterproof - made from lightweight durable stretch polyester knit barrier fabric laminated to a waterproof breathable urethane membrane.

There’s no question the protector is waterproof.

Ballooning - Ballooning is where the duvet protector traps air or water inside the protector that can’t escape.

When air is trapped ballooning makes for a very uncomfortable night.

When water is trapped when machine washing and drying duvet protectors, its virtually impossible to machine wash or dry the protector.

The cover has a 2” fine mesh gusset that runs along the sides of the duvet liner. This stops ballooning allowing air to escape when on the bed, and water to escape during machine washing and drying. It's possible liquids can get into the duvet thru the gusset – but, that’s unusual. The top fabric is a soft polyester that actually absorbs liquid (doesn’t bead) so the liquid can’t drip into the duvet or mattress (still not going thru the protector).

Duvet Stays in Place – there are four cloth ties on each corner inside the protector, and four cloth ties outside. Tying the duvet to the protector, and the protector to your decorative cover makes sure the duvet stays in place.

YKK Zipper Closure.

Hot to Sleep Under – the protector is breathable, but not the level of breathability to allow the large amount of moisture we produce when sleeping to escape. The result is may feel hot when sleeping. (You can have it waterproof, or cooler to sleep under – but, not both). We offer alternatives - duvet protectors that protect only one side of the duvet – that are super cool to sleep under.

Color - White.

Easy Care - Machine wash using cold water and machine tumble dry on a cool setting. Durable to withstand frequent washings.

Sizes -

Full/ Queen: 90” w x 86” L x 2” (gusset height).

King: 105”W x 90”L x 2” H.

Instructions and Product Care (Click to open the file below):