Waterproof Breathable Duvet Protector for the Top and Bottom of Duvet

Protects the top and bottom of your duvet, or comforter, from urine, ‘soiling semi-solids’, spilled liquids and stains.

No need to wash your entire duvet.

The space-age waterproof/ breathable fabric protects both the top and bottom of your duvet. Protect your duvet from spills and accidents on top of your duvet, and at the same time protect your duvet from accidents spills on the bottom of the duvet (where a person would sleep).

The duvet protector has an ultra fine two inch ultra fine gusset along the sides and bottom edge. This allows air to escape stopping the ballooning effect often found with other waterproof duvet protectors. This ensures a good nights sleep and allows the protector to be easily machine washed and dried.

Quiet and comfortable.

Made from lightweight durable stretch polyester knit barrier fabric bonded with a waterproof breathable membrane.

Durable to withstand frequent washings.

The duvet protector goes inside a decorative duvet cover. The duvet liner is to be used under a decorative duvet cover (the decorative duvet cover is not included).

Both the duvet and pillow liners use zippered closures.

Four cloth ties on the inside of the duvet protector, and four cloth ties on the outside of the protector, allow the duvet to be secured to prevent the duvet from shifting within the protector, and from shifting within the decorative duvet cover.

Users a zippered closure.

Two sizes:

Full/Queen: Width 90", Length 86", Ultra Fine Mesh Gusset 2";

King: Width 105", Length 90", Ultra Fine Mesh Gusset 2".


Machine wash using cold water and machine tumble dry on a cool setting.
Zipper Closure and Ultra Fine Mesh Gusset  
Instructions and Product Care (Click to open the file below):